Overkill Threadripper 1950X Build

This is the new PC build for my daily editing rig for my YouTube channel called NeXTech News. The build is totally overkill for 99.9% of people and I know that, but it does increase my video editing productivity, and I am an extreme enthusiast who loves to try the newest thing! I had a blast building this PC primarily because it was cool to see the differences in AMD's X399 platform and Intel's X299 and X99 platform, especially in the building experience. Threadripper might be a massive cpu but AMD nailed the installation process of an LGA socket in my opinion; it takes a little longer to install and requires quite a bit thermal paste but leaves no opportunity to install the cpu incorrectly! The parts of this build and the look of it both were very important to me because this PC appears in almost every one of my YouTube videos as well as being my primary editing rig! The aesthetic of the PC was very important to me that's why I chose black components with LED's to match my Blue and Black NeXTech Theme. I also painted the SLI Bridge and GTX 1080's Blue to also match the theme. Then the last thing I did to match the theme was to configure black and blue cables with cable combs on cablemod's configurator and added blue anti-kink coils to the AIO liquid cooler.